A baby sleeping soundly. Antenatal care includes performing cardiotocography to monitor the fetal heart rate and uterine contractions.

Post Delivery Review

All mothers would be scheduled to come back to the clinic one or two weeks after delivery to ensure they are recovering well.

This would include a review of the mother’s physical and mental well-being, a pelvic examination and wound inspection (if any). Breast feeding issues as well as the various modes of contraception available would be discussed too.

Following which, another review would be scheduled six to eight weeks after delivery. By this time, the woman’s body would be deemed to have healed totally from the delivery and returned to normal. This would be a good opportunity to do routine pap smear test, human papilloma virus (HPV) test and gynaecological scan to ensure the uterus and ovaries are normal. For women who had gestational diabetes during pregnancy, this would be the optimal time to repeat oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT). Based on the woman’s preference, the contraception of choice could be instituted in this visit at the same time.

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